By Dave Ball at Three Kings Manhattan

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sublime is the worst band in history



i fuck incredibly hard with this

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bless this ugly heart so i can love you like i want,
if you don’t want that that’s fine
i can do this all my life.

take the things you want so i can feel some way you want.
do i feel some way you don’t?
i won’t know.

i built something good -
it exists inside my head, just like everything -
it won’t exist outside my dreams

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HTRK / Rentboy

I watch you over and over again

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Behind these eyes a desert spirit
Sea serpent heart inside a sunken ship
I finally got it
All parts wrong

I didn’t know how long it would take to do it
Behind these eyes
Dead grey mule
Torn apart moon in an empty room

It’s easier now
And I just say I got better
It’s easier now
That I just say I got better

It’s easier when I just admit
Death comes now
And the next minute
The next minute 
The next minute

Behind these eyes
Behind these eyes

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everything i like is going to hell
and everyone i like is living in hell
i’ve got no use for friends only connections
give me what i want and leave me alone

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It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you.

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I used to write
I used to write letters
I used to sign my name

I used to sleep at night
Before the flashing lights settled deep in my brain

But by the time we met
But by the time we met
The times had already changed

So I never wrote a letter
I never took my true heart
I never wrote it down

So when the lights cut out
I was left standing in the wilderness downtown

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most everyone i care about can connect with me via facebook or twitter so peace